Toyota of El Cajon - San Diego County's First Green Dealership

Our new building is the first LEED certified building in El Cajon. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides a suite of standards to measure the utilization of environmentally friendly building practices during construction. One of Toyota of El Cajon's strategic values is to be conscientious of our community and environment, and creating an eco-friendly facility will have a measurable impact on both.

Going Green By the Numbers...


Number of BTU's per year in total energy savings – with smart design and fixture choices, Toyota of El Cajon anticipates reducing the building’s energy usage by 26% with a cost savings of over $62,000/year.


Number of pounds of waste kept out of landfills by recycling of debris during demolition and construction - it is anticipated that up to 80% of the construction waste will be recycled.


Number of square feet of the Home Depot structure being reused as the new home for Toyota of El Cajon – saving tons of debris from reaching landfills, saving carbon emissions by eliminating hauling debris, and saving huge amounts of fuel and electric energy by avoiding demolition and reconstruction.


Number of gallons of reduced overall water use - by replacing the existing building’s plumbing fixtures with new high efficiency designs. This equates to over 40% of water use savings compared to a standard building.


The percentage of the wood used on the project that will come from FSC-certified forests – showing our support of sustainable forestry practices.


The percentage of materials projected to be used that will originate from within a 500-mile radius thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the building by reducing emissions generated transporting materials to the site.


The percentage of materials used on the project that will contain recycled content thereby completing the recycling loop! All products selected are extremely durable and are anticipated to have a long life span before they may be once again recycled.


Amount of car wash water that is not recycled - through the use of a highly efficient car wash, and the landscape irrigation system connection to the car wash water, every single drop of the car wash water is reused in some way. The water reclamation system for the car wash will create an 83% water savings compared to a typical car wash.

Toyota of El Cajon's New Eco-Friendly Facility

At the end of 2009 Toyota of El Cajon moved into our new facility at Arnele and Marshall, less than a mile away from our original location. We decided from the onset that when we moved, we wanted to create something special. The time came and we found that the former Home Depot location was perfect for us. After discussions with architects and contractors, we discovered that renovating an existing building versus tearing it down would be better for the environment. Taking it one step further, by building in eco-friendly features we realized we could have a long-term positive impact on the environment. So we decided to do both. And perhaps the best part of "going green" is it actually reduces our operational costs - enabling us to continue to pass those super savings on to you.

What's New

We think you'll love our new, bright and spacious facility which includes a beautiful showroom, comfortably furnished sitting areas, a fun children's play "ship" center, an Internet café food café state-of-the-art climate control system, an indoor service entrance, more service bays, user-friendly parts displays, and more!

For your convenience, we're now located closer to public transportation, have a larger parking area, and offer a larger on-site rental fleet selection.

What Absolutely Will Not Change

We remain committed to providing fair and competitive pricing on vehicle purchases, parts and service. Rest assured, our upgraded facilities may look upscale, but will not drive up prices.

We remain committed to providing the best service possible and achieving the highest level of guest satisfaction. Actually, our new and improved building and improved workflow has helped us raise the bar in how we service our guests.

We remain committed to employing the best staff. The same friendly faces you have come to trust will be here for you.

We remain committed to supporting the community. We will continue to find ways to make a positive contribution to our neighborhood.

Our Green Commitment

In 2009 we also relocated and expanded our Toyota Certified Center of Santee. We decided to incorporate eco-friendly features in that facility as well. We are proud to announce that our Santee facility received a LEED Gold rating, one of the highest levels of certification you can achieve.